My new venture at Scarlet Aruba


Dear Corporate Clients and Friends, As of September 1, I will be leading the new alternative in high speed internet in Aruba for Scarlet Curacao. Let’s face it…..we live nowadays in a world that most of the times our core businesses depends on the internet, reason enough that we cannot afford running a multinational or a small business allowing our Internet connection to drop or fail.

Your valuable Time is money and so is your Business.

We are your solution, We are the alternative, so please allow me to introduce some information regarding Scarlet.

About Scarlet:

Scarlet has been operating over twelve (12) years in Curacao, five (5) in St. Maarten and now since two (2) years ago in Aruba. Scarlet provides international calling services and high-speed Internet services to Corporate and Residential customers in Aruba, Curacao and St. Maarten. Scarlet’s international concession covering the entire Netherlands Antilles dates back to 1886 when telegraph was first introduced to the islands. Today, Scarlet operates state-of-the art wireless broadband networks in Aruba, Curacao and St. Maarten using its international fiber optic network to provide top quality data and voice services. Scarlet is one of the most experienced residential and business broadband Internet provider since 2001, using a type of microwaves system that does not allow us to drop at any time. Scarlet is completely wireless. We provide small, medium and large business customers with communication solution that are cost effective, manageable and can be provisioned quickly with the maximum amount of flexibility.


The services that Scarlet is currently supplying in Aruba are the following:

– Fixed Wireless Dedicated Internet (up to 100Mbps) dedicated connection for more than 20 users
– Fixed Wireless Office Internet (up to 25 Mbps) shared connection for max 15 users
– Fixed Wireless Small Office Internet (up to 25 Mbps) shared connection for max 10 users
– Fixed Wireless Local Loop (up to 45 Mbps) 2 location minimum needed
– Scarlet Inter-Island Connect  CUR > AUA (up to 150 Mbps) connection between Curacao & Aruba.

*All internet packages includes 1 public static Ip address

*7 days a week Helpdesk

*Installation time 1 a 2 weeks (depending installation type) Please let me know, if you desire to know more about us, if I can provide you with a service that you aren’t getting at this moment from your current data provider and which of the above indicated packages will fit your company needs in order to send you a  budgetary proposal. Scarlet specializes in Excellent quality customer service, less internet headache, quick solution and follow up and a wide range of value-added service. That is right; start Enjoying life, start Experiencing Scarlet! BettinaI look forward for your interest in our products and services.